Digitalize Namur 2023

On February 2nd and 3rd, 2023, our team had the privilege of participating in the Digitalize exhibition held at Namur Expo. This event was an exceptional opportunity for us to explore the latest trends and innovations in the digital field.

On this occasion, Daniel Van den Hove held a conference on digital transformation, of which you will find an overview below:

The world is constantly changing, and the Covid crisis has accelerated the shift in consumer and business behaviors. A company absent from the digital realm will disappear within 5 to 7 years in favor of others that are more agile or innovative.

The current model is no longer sustainable; it requires a fundamental paradigm shift. As leaders, you are faced with an avalanche of new technologies that must add value and meet the new expectations of your customers, consumers, suppliers, as well as your employees, who are themselves potential consumers.

Digital transformation must be based on three axes: rethinking the business model, transforming the operating model, and using technology as a change accelerator.

To start, focus must be on the consumer, their expectations in terms of products and services, their ways of interacting, while also considering generational specificities.

Next, a new operational model based on process simplification, performance measurement, and continuous evolution must be defined and implemented. As resistance to change is the main barrier to successful transformation, it will be essential to identify and manage the impact on employees. Investing in their support and training is a good way to approach the future and increase the chances of success.

Technologies should be used as accelerators and agents of change. They will become differentiators, but their impact will only be significant if they directly contribute to consumer value, the organization’s ability to be more efficient, and quicker decision-making to anticipate and adapt to evolving needs.

To approach digital transformation with a sense of calm, a strategy for the short, medium, and long term must be established first. The transformation program should be structured, and agility and a culture of perpetual change should be institutionalized. It’s important to transition from a project stage to a genuine culture, embedding this new reality into the company’s DNA.

Companies that do not commit to their transformation journey will face a lack of visibility and will no longer be considered innovative. They will also struggle to retain their existing talent and attract new ones. Therefore, this transformation becomes a prerequisite for the survival of the company.

Would you like to learn more? Watch the replay of Daniel Van den Hove’s conference at the Digitalize Namur 2023 trade show on “The keys to digital transformation.

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